Crepe City – BoxPark – Wembley – Sunday 8th August

I arrive at Wembley Park tube station and it’s always a welcome sight of the Wembley walkway from the top of the stairs at Wembley Park station. On this occasion you can feel the sneaker energy, I felt the sneaker energy back at Baker Street station as I started to see more and more people wearing heat on their feet.

The Wembley walkway is peppered with people in fresh kicks, all different types of sneakerheads socializing and connecting with other sneakerheads alike, comparing what they copped, discussing sneakers and just embarrassing the whole vibe, you get a real sense of comradery as you get closer to closer to the event.  People are happy to take pictures, swap social media details and take each person present as a friend and not a foe. It’s refreshing and great to feel after the last couple of years we’ve had. 

As I get to the entrance you have people shouting from the balcony JUMPMAN JOURNALS!

I get the feeling from the Jump that this Is going to be a great event. Straight away I run into Craig Mitch from MOTDx and Kyle Walker from Sky Sports, as sneakerheads they are just blending as any other person at the event, no fan fair, just fan’s of sneakers, we get pictures and I keep it moving.

I’m a people junky and I just dive into this sea of sneaker addicts and swim around just talking to anybody that comes into my stream, and every single person, i kid you not had time and wanted to engage, we talk, take pics, show admiration, compare not compete, it’s an ocean of sneaker love and the waves just keep crashing into me. 

From person to person on my journey saying “your Jumpman Journals”, showing immediate love for what we do, complimenting me on our content and themes, it’s the biggest reward the Jumpman Journals family could ask for and such a rewarding feeling amongst the community we hope to reach. It means the world to me personally because at the end of the day that is why we do it.

I get to connect with followers of our Instagram feed, people that have been there supporting from the beginning, but I haven’t had the chance to met in person, this connection Is especially moving to me as to put faces to our IG family Is amazing, we embraced like cousins that haven’t seen each other for ages and like family we made plans to link up in the near future. From one encounter to the next it was a spectacular event that will be on the Jumpman Journals calendar from now on. Looking forward to experiencing Crepe City In Manchester and other spots around the country.

Again I go back to the energy and comradery around this whole event, I’ve not even talked about if there were bargains or if the prices were ridiculously high, or this, or that. It’s not important really as what was going on as you had resellers trying to unload stock, or buyers trying to get a bargain, an atmosphere of sneaker people doing sneaker things was created, and the thing about this culture in particular Is that it’s all about the love for the works of art we wear on our feet, this being said at Crepe City, BoxPark Wembley, on Sunday 8th August 2021 the tapestry created was a beautiful thing to witness, the sneaker love In the room was pure class and picture perfect.

August 8 @ 12:00
12:00 pm — 6:05 pm (6h 5′)

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